Brain Trust
Zhuang Xiaowei

Contemporary glass artist, China Glass Art Master, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai University Art Academy Professor & First Curator of Shanghai Glass Museum

Li Lei

Contemporary abstract artist, Shanghai, China.

Current Shanghai Art Museum Executive Curator , Shanghai Youth Literature & Art Association Vice President, Director of China Artists Association, Standing director of Shanghai Artists Association.

Wang Tiande

Contemporary artist, Shanghai, China.
Dean of Art Institute of visual Communication Design, Shanghai Fudan University Director and Professor of Art and Design College, Shanghai Fudan University

Zheng Lu

Contemporary Sculpture Artist,Beijing, China.

Born in Inner Mongolia in 1978, currently lives in Beijing

Shen Fan

Contemporary abstract painting artist, Shanghai, China. 

Born in Shanghai in 1952, currently lives in Shanghai. 

Tang Ling

Canada-Based Photography Artist

Signed Photography Artist of US World Art Group

Cooperation Photographer of The Nature Conservation of US

Wang YiZhou

Contemporary Artist, Jiangsu, China.

Born in Jiangsu in 1968, currently lives in Shanghai.

Tan Jun

Contemporary Artist, Beijing, China.

Born in Xiangtan, Hunan Province in 1973, currently lives in Beijing.