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Job Requirements:
I  Project Manager
1, Basic business capabilities of business development, marketing promotion, and customer follow-up, etc.;
2, Good at communication with sharp Intuition that can detect the psychological needs of customers quickly and accurately offer feedback to customer’s requirements in design and other aspects;
3, Minimum 5-year sales experience in 5-star hotel supplier-related business, and candidates with 5-star hotel resources are preferred.

II  Decoration Designer
1, College degree or above, major in art design or fine arts, has a good level of aesthetic and artistic accomplishment;
2, Good command of image processing software such as PS, CAD, AI, 3D;
3, Minimum 5-year display design and matching experience in space decoration for upscale hotels, clubs and mock-up rooms, etc.

III  Color Coordinator
1, College degree or above, major in art design or fine arts;
2,Good aesthetic ability and imagination, sensitive to color, with artistic capacity and overall layout capabilities;
3, Minimum 5-year experience in product color coordination.

IV  Display Designer
1, College degree or above, major in art design or fine arts, etc., ;
2, Good command of relevant software such as PS, CAD, PowerPoint , AI, Autocad and the freehand sketching capability preferred ;
3, Minimum 5-year display design, matching experience in space decoration for upscale hotels, clubs and mock-up rooms, etc.

V  Art Curator
1,Bachelor degree o above, major in art aesthetics, or advertising, sales, marketing,  management, and communication related, candidate with overseas study background and fluent English is preferred;
2, Familiar with the art market, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture and installation devices, etc.; candidates with resources such as famous painters, art colleges and universities are preferred;
3, Minimum 5-year experience in planning art exhibition activities, familiar with the whole art curator-related process, capable to work independently.

VI  Painter
1, Passion for art creation with special talent such as oil painting, woodblock printing, lacquer painting, or the application of other mixed materials;
2, Minimum10-year painting experience with good painting skills;
3, College degree or above, and graduates from the major 8 academies of Fine Arts preferred.

VII  Ceramics Artist
1, Have basic ceramic knowledge and skills, familiar with the process of ceramic firing;
2, Have prominent and independent creative ability, solid ceramic and sculpture producing skills with bold artistic creativity and rich imagination;
3, Candidates with ceramic studio experience or ceramic vocational qualification preferred.

VIII  Sculpturer
1, Familiar with the materials of ceramic, resin, wood, iron, glass and fabrics,  etc.;
2, Have high aesthetic and sculpting ability;
3, Minimum 5-years experience in sculpture.

IX  Engineering Supervisor
1, College degree or above, engineering management, civil engineering, engineering budget, interior design or related majors;
2, Minimum 5-year experience relating to hotel decoration;
3, Familiar with the process of management system in engineering construction, proficient in the construction technology process.
4, Flexible with field work, male required;
5, Minimum C1 driver's license required.

X  HR Manager
1, Major in human resource management, administration management or related major, college degree or above;
2 , Minimum 7-year relevant experience;
3, Familiar with modules such as training and career development, familiar with National Labor Laws and Regulations, familiar with the human resources features in consulting industry;
4, Excellent abilities to plan, organize, control, communicate, coordinate and innovate;
5, Familiar with Microsoft Office and other office software.

XI  Driver
1, Healthy with a strong sense of responsibility, steadfast and careful in work, prudent and honest;
2, Minimum C1 driver's license and minimum 5-year safety driving experience required;
3, Skillful driving and familiar with traffic routes, environment etc. in Xiamen and Fujian province;
4, Strong service awareness with proper etiquette without vices;
5, Vehicle maintenance knowledge required.

1, Competitive salary and benefits offered to make the most of human resources and materials;
2, Two-day weekends, statutory holidays; wedding, funeral, home or annual leaves etc. available.
3, Rich and colorful training and staff tourism activities fulfill the work with passion and positive energy.