Art Concept
Our art consultants in the conceptual design phase will actively communicate with and listen to the opinions from Client, the hotel management company, the interior design part and the consultant team to develop the general direction for the artwork, which is aptly complementary to the general interior design concept. The consultant will write the art concept proposal, in which the recommended style and artwork type for the hotel guest room and public area will be demonstrated through words and images. Upon the art concept proposal being accepted, the art consultancy proceeds to the next phase.

Artwork Development
After receipt of written approval and payment from the client for Phase I work, the art consultant will contact different suppliers to assure the artwork diversity, which includes numerous artwork media. The art consultant then will offer the final artwork proposal brochure for the client to approve. The brochure includes the information such as the installation location, sample image, theme, material and size of the artwork series, together with the detailed artwork budget and finishing schedule of each hotel section. Upon the written approval from Party A, the art consultancy proceeds to the next phase.


With the final artwork proposal being approved, the procurement process can be carried out accordingly. Our art consultant will be responsible for all of the commissioned artworks, ready-made artworks and the accessories procurement. We will carefully monitor the production process of the commissioned artworks and the custom-made furnishings, and we design the unique presentation to make the artwork not only more outstanding, but also smartly matching the interior design.

Locating the artwork to the accurate spot is the vital key to the success of the general artwork proposal. Our art consultant will coordinate the whole installation process to ensure the accurate installation location of each artwork and the decorative accessories. Finally, our consultants will also offer the hotel management party with the artwork manual, which contains the image and the information of each artwork in the hotel, and can be provided as reference to the hotel management work as well as for the in-depth response and explanation to the guests’ inquiry on the artworks.